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Change Management

Consulting is our passion.

Artificial Intelligence eating the world!

Regarding to Ben Levy, co-founder of BootstrapLabs, one of the leading investment companies with an absolute focus on applied artificial intelligence start-ups, it is not a matter what vertical markets will be disrupted, it is a question of when.


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TechShop: a maker space with dream consultants and fresh popcorn

TechShop®  is a vibrant, creative community and workshop that provides access to instructions, tools, software and space.


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Accelerating success in Silicon Valley

37 % of the people in Silicon Valley are born in foreign countries. One of them is the 21-year old Felix Krause from a little village in Lower Austria, who has just sold his company “Fastlane” to Twitter and is now working for them.


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The Silicon Valley Mindset

Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, is a unique melting pot for innovation – it’s a special mixture here: being a successful technology location for over 50 years, it attracts even more tech-industry. There is money from investors, know-how from several universities, especially Stanford University, that do research, and eager talents from all over the world that come here. And there is a spirit of being innovative, of trying things, without fear of failure.


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ICG auf Entdeckungsreise

Manfred Hoefler

Google, AirBnB und Uber bekommen pro Jahr 50–100.000 Anfragen von Firmen, die sie in San Francisco besuchen wollen. Die Unicorns im Silicon Valley und in San Francisco entwickeln sich immer mehr zu touristischen Magneten für Manager aus der ganzen Welt. Nicht zu Unrecht, denn viele aktuelle Entwicklungen haben in der Bay Area – dem Melting Pot vieler Weltkulturen (USA, Asien, Europa, ...) – ihren Ursprung. Auch die ICG-BeraterInnen verbringen Ende September sieben Tage im Silicon Valley, um sich auf die Spuren von disruptiven Trends, neuen Business Modellen und zukunftsfähigen Management- und Organisationsmodellen zu machen.


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