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Change Management

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The (more) agile organization

The world has become flatter, faster and more complex. Organizations need to be more agile to adapt to ongoing and unpredictable changes. We need to get rid of some traditional fundamentals of management, because they no longer work. Becoming an agile organization is about introducing new key-principles in just the right places.


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Psychologische Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz

Julia Fadler

Spätestens seit der Veröffentlichung der Ergebnisse von Googles „Aristotle Project“ hat das Thema „Psychologische Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz“ in Organisationen deutlich an Beachtung gewonnen. Aber welche Bedeutung hat sie tatsächlich in der Praxis? Inwiefern braucht es psychologische Sicherheit – was kann sie leisten und wie kann sie gestaltet werden?


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Mindfulness - How to best manage your monkey mind!

Mindfulness is a combination of Eastern meditation and Western cognitive sciences which has become a mainstream tool in leadership development and practice. It helps you forge a path to conscious presence and improves leadership and personal life immensely.


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Agile Transformation für agile Unternehmen

Eva Grieshuber

Seine Kritik an großen, aufwändigen Change Management Projekten und Programmen bringt Gary Hamel, amerikanischer Ökonom und Unternehmensberater,  auf den Punkt, wenn er sagt, dass Change und Management nicht zusammenpassen.


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Innovation culture based on design thinking

IDEO is the world’s most admired design agency. People like David and Tom Kelly were forerunners using design thinking for developing new products and services. Recently, the design thinking method was transformed into an approach for transformation towards innovative organizations and innovation culture. IDEO calls this concept “leading for creativity”. We visited their SF office – nicely located at Pier 28 in San Francisco.


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