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Innovate your business with Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking

Bruno Burkart

Our visit at the San Francisco Office of “Business Models Inc.” was an exceptional lesson with the strategic designer Justin Lokitz who gave us an inspiring insight how to create business for the future.


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Lean Startup - new way of product development

The Lean Startup (Lean Innovation) is an approach focused on effective running startups and launching new products or services. The standard approach for “developing new things” is typically to write a business plan, pitch it to investors, assemble a team, introduce a product, and start selling as hard as you can. But it does not work for everybody, namely for startups. Simply it is too complicated, costly and long process for them


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The big divide: What differentiates super-flexible organizations from others?

„The big difference is the notion of super-flexibility“ – that is how  Homa Bahrami encapsulates the  increasingly critical divide between traditional industrial organizations and modern digital organizations. We had the great opportunity to meet Homa Bahrami, senior lecturer at Berkeley Haas Management of Organizations Group, to hear and discuss some of her thoughts from her and Stuart Evan’s book „Super-Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises: A Toolkit for Dynamic Adaptation.“


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Moving beyond Holacracy

Holacracy has gained a lot of attention recently as a possible approach to run a company on the principles of self-organization. We had the opportunity to speak with organizational designer Jennifer Dennard from Medium about the experiences they made when operating under the system of Holacracy – and about the development taking place at Medium now, after having decided not to use Holacracy any longer.


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Strategieentwicklung im Klinikbereich

Kurt Mayer

Strategiearbeit im Klinikbereich ist stark von gesundheitspolitischen Vorgaben und gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen abhängig. Das Spielfeld, in dem Krankenhäuser ihre Zukunftsgestaltung vornehmen, ist damit sehr herausfordernd.


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