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Psychologische Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz

Julia Fadler

Spätestens seit der Veröffentlichung der Ergebnisse von Googles „Aristotle Project“ hat das Thema „Psychologische Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz“ in Organisationen deutlich an Beachtung gewonnen. Aber welche Bedeutung hat sie tatsächlich in der Praxis? Inwiefern braucht es psychologische Sicherheit – was kann sie leisten und wie kann sie gestaltet werden?


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Mindfulness - How to best manage your monkey mind!

Mindfulness is a combination of Eastern meditation and Western cognitive sciences which has become a mainstream tool in leadership development and practice. It helps you forge a path to conscious presence and improves leadership and personal life immensely.


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Measuring & improving employee's happiness

Employee (dis)engagement is crucial in business but poorly measured. A normal employee satisfaction survey provides lots of data, but very little actionable information and treats satisfaction or happiness as an absolute state of mind, which is in reality never the case.


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A visit to the "Future of Work"


During our learning journey, we got the chance to visit Upwork, “The Future of Work” as they call themselves. It’s the largest worldwide online platform connecting freelancers and their customers.


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Belief and economics of self-managed organizations

We had the pleasure to meet and discuss with Doug Kirkpatrick, who is the former CFO of Morning Star, the world’s largest tomato processor and long term self-managed organization. He is a consultant and book author of ‚Beyond Empowerment: The Age of Self-Managed Organization’. We discussed ways of transformation towards self-management and discovered the two at first sight contradictory elements: Belief and Economics.


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