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Let’s vote – IDEO style

Election – probably one of the most emotionally charged words right now in the United States as well as in Austria. But not just the question of who it is going to be is overlapping in both countries. The question of how we are going to vote is a topic of conversation as well.


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The internet of things and the digital vortex

While Google is providing the soft side of internet, at CISCO you find the back bone of it: the hard things that stand behind our apps and search engines. Apart from this, nowadays CISCO has a new mission: to be at the forefront of the Internet of Things.


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SAP Labs – much more than German ERP-software

SAP Lab in Palo Alto is one of the 16 dynamic co-innovation centers SAP set up in key technological areas to drive innovation for its core business. I was really surprised – is this really a part of the SAP world? Open space and unusual types of offices for the design teams, lots of 3D printers and fancy models in a maker space called d.shop. And the core business is strong: more than 75% of world’s transactions touches SAP.


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Artificial Intelligence eating the world!

Regarding to Ben Levy, co-founder of BootstrapLabs, one of the leading investment companies with an absolute focus on applied artificial intelligence start-ups, it is not a matter what vertical markets will be disrupted, it is a question of when.


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TechShop: a maker space with dream consultants and fresh popcorn

TechShop®  is a vibrant, creative community and workshop that provides access to instructions, tools, software and space.


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